Fuzzy Logic Ideas

This study aims to demonstrate the relationship between the “Fuzzy Logic Theory” developed as ”smart technology logic” by Lotfi A. Zadeh in 1965 and the modern technology, and to explain the forms of utilization of fuzzy logic in smart communication technologies, specifically in Apple-Iphone devices. The differences between the classical two-valued logic theory, known as Aristotelian logic, and the fuzzy logic theory which is a generalization of the two-valued logic (a multi-valued logic according to some experts) are given in comparison. In this way, it is explained in which points it is different than the classical logic that has the two truth values of 0 and 1, and why fuzzy logic is characterized as the logic of the technology. Finally, the fuzzy logic in some applications of Apple-Iphone device has been traced and it is explained from which perspectives the Iphones could have a fuzzy logic network.

Keywords: Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Logic Applications, Expert Systems, Smart Technologies, Fuzyy Paradigm, Apple-Iphone